The Tundra

The vacation you'll never forget

The types of Vegetation

The tundra's vegetation is Composed of dwarf shrubs, sedges, grass, mosses, and linches.

The type of Wildlife

The types of animals you'll see in the tundra are, Polar Bears, Caribous, Arctic Foxes, Arctic Hares, Snowy Owls, Musk Ox´s, and Rock Ptarmigan.

The types of Activities

  • The types of activities in the tundra are or you in the tundra- are Skiing, snowboarding, backpack camping, and snowboarding.

The types of housing

People have houses somewhat like cottages that helps them keep warm. Most houses are by a lake or an arctic ocean.

The types of clothing

People usually wear warm winter coats to go outside. If you go to the tundra bring some layers because you then can take them off.

Description of your climate region

The tundra is a cold place with cool and excotic animals like Polar Bears and Arctic Fox. You will have fun skiing and snowboarding on their snowy hills. The houses might be small on the outside but big on the inside. You can locate the tundra in Canada and the provinces you can locate it is, Yukon, Northern Ontario, Nunavut, Manitoba, and Northern Quebec. If you want rainfall this climate is not for you, the approximate rainfall is 6 to 10 inches of rain. The temperature in the tundra reach up to 10 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.