Soccer PLayer

Adrian Vazquez


1.''Professional Soccer players are the Highest paid athletes in the world.''

2.In the highest payroll of any team is Fc Barcelona and a week they get paid $166,934.00 Per players per week.

3.In a year professional player get paid $6,795,899.00 annual player salary.


1.''In training in two to tree days a week guys are required to lift.

2.In Soccer places they start actuation and flexibity exercises and the main problem for Soccer players are their hips,low back,grands, and thigs like that.

3.''During a typical two hour in season practice, we do a lot of what we call striding''.Striding is just 70 to 80 percent of their heart rate max.


1.'' You have excellent control skill with the ability to disable, pass and shoot.''

2.''Players should join a top level youth soccer club and attempt to capture the attention of professional scouts.''

3.''Other factors taken into account include the players age, his citizenship and USA states.''