September 22-26

Our First Field Trip - Thursday!

News This Week

We are beginning AR this week in class. It is really important for students to be getting books on their level. I will send more AR information separately. This first quarter is just simply getting logged in and getting used to the program.

Our first field trip is Thursday. It is a walking trip to Winn Dixie. Parents are welcome to come along. We need to leave school NO LATER than 9:00. We will return for lunch and a short time in the room, then we will have PE and listen to the librarian from Daphne Public Library. Students should come in uniform - Field Trip shirts are kept at school. Check in at the office and then come to class about 8:45 if you'd like to come.

Donate to the Fall Festival Basket - Road Trip Theme - Due by October 1

Studies This Week

  • Skills: Main Idea and Asking Questions
  • Phonics: Inflected -s Endings, -ing without spelling changes
  • Sight words: eat, her, this, too
  • Practice at home: Students should be able to read the decodable stories (sent home Monday) easily. If not, practice re-reading them daily for fluency and accuracy. Students should also be able to easily identify and read sight words.
  • Accelerated Reader (AR) - Students should be bringing home a book ON THEIR LEVEL and reading it. They can take AR tests in the classroom. They should be able to read these books with little trouble. Reading with an adult is great and encouraged!


  • Practice spelling and writing words. Visit for more practice.
  • Words this week: nap, naps, sit, sits, win, wins, fit, fits, hit, hits, her, too


  • Finish Unit 1 - Unit Assessment on Tuesday
  • Begin Unit 2 - Geometry - We do lots of shapes. Students should know the names of basic shapes, number of sides, and will be learning about the vertex, polygon, and how shapes fit together. We keep reviewing Unit 1 addition skills the entire time.
  • Practice at home: story problems when you know the answer. For example: I have 7 vegetables. Some are peas, some are carrots. How many of each could I have? Practice making multiple combinations for the same answer.


These words are used in English, math, or science we will learn throughout the week. Words are NOT tested, but will help understanding. Students are not expected to be able to spell these words.

  • observe, wild, something, parent, solo, dangle, nape, medicine, poisonous
  • geometry, circle, square, rectangle, triangle, two-dimensional
  • describe, descriptive

Writing & Grammar

  • Students should be using capitals and lower case letters correctly. This skill was taught in kindergarten. Keep encouraging using lower case letters at home.
  • Word order of sentences - for example "Ran the street down the dog." versus "The dog ran down the street."
  • Sentence start with capital letters and end with punctuation.
  • Journal writing, writing about apples, using interesting descriptions


  • Beginning worms (later in the week)

Social Studies

  • Categories of time - past, present, and future
  • First week of fall - describing apples and apple activities
  • Our community - field trip to Winn Dixie and librarian visit

Tasty Tuesday & Thursday - Ice Cream $1.00

Upcoming Dates to Know


25 - Walking Field Trip

30 - Chik-Fil-a Spirit Night

30 - Snow Wizard - $1 at PE STUDENT HOLDS MONEY

30 - Book Orders Due


2 - Fall Pictures

9 - Make up Pictures

10 - Fall Festival

13 - Book Fair Week