Integrating Technology

Using technology to communicate, collaborate, and create


(Used to be called Wallwisher)

This is like an online bulletin board. Students do not need an account in order to post on your boards. You can post images, documents, and comments on your boards.


iPad App

This is a mind map creator.

For the online version, students must have an e-mail in order to register for popplet and in order to collaborate on the same popplet.

For the iPad version, students do not need to log in; however, they cannot collaborate across devices either.


iPad App

Prezi is a presentation software similar to PowerPoint, but it looks much more like a mind map.

Students must have an e-mail address in order to sign up for an account.

Wait! My students don't have e-mail addresses!

No problem!

If you have a gmail address, you can give your students their own e-mail addresses.

For example, imagine my e-mail address is

My student can list his/her e-mail address as

Programs like Prezi and Popplet will recognize this as an e-mail address. Your student can list his/her own password (i.e., student number).

Gmail does NOT recognize anything after the + sign. Therefore, any e-mail that gets sent to your student's faux address actually comes to you! Your student will also NOT be able to sign into gmail.

So, you've given them an address to use, but they still don't have an e-mail!

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