LDA Post-Test 2.0

April 2015 - BEST District of the EVSC

LDA Post-Test Window

The post-test window for Locally Developed Assessments (LDA) is April 3-17 for Elementary and Middle Schools, while the window for High Schools is May 4-21 (the LDA may be part of the comprehensive final). Here are a few reminders:

Step 1

Locate the Excel File you saved for the Pre-Test. (LDA_1415-yourfirst.lastname)

Step 2

Click on the post-test tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet. Enter your name, school, your class/subject, and possible points a student can earn. The total number of points possible MUST be the same from pre-test to post-test. Additionally, the pre-test tab will not populate the Total Students Cell until the post-test information is entered. (See Image Below)
Big image

Step 3

Add student names to Column B (Note: It may easiest to copy Column B from the pre-test tab and pasted to Column B of the post-test tab). However, if you manually type names in on both the pre- and post test tabs be mindful that adding a space to the end of a name on one tab, but not on the same name on the other tab, the student calculations will come up as INVALID. Eliminate the extra space and the spreadsheet will record the student score.

You DO NOT have to ensure that a student is in the same row from the pre-test tab to the post-test tab - the calculations are based on the student name entered, NOT row number.

Step 4

Enter a whole number to represent correct/incorrect (0/1) or the points the student earned on a given item (0, 1, 2, 3...). Student Improvement will be calculated for you.

Any student with only one test score will not be included in your calculations. (See Image Below).

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Step 5

Once you have completed the pre- and post- test data, save the LDA Spreadsheet as LDA_1415-YourFirst.LastName. Then email this spreadsheet to Michael Fisher by May 4 (Elementary and Middle Schools).

Updated LDA Template

Daniel Watson, eLearning Coach

This LDA information was condensed from the FAQ for LDAs and LDA Template User Guide Documents via the EVSC Teacher Portal.