Graphic Design

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Why I Would Be Good In This Career

Graphic Design is a good career choice for me because I learned I have traits that are good for graphic designers from self assessment tests on College in Colorado and when I used the Personality 41 test. I am independent, artistic, and realistic. I also consider myself imaginative and I can see myself working better in an unstructured environment.

What Graphic Designers Do

This specific career includes working with clients to create brochures, posters, flyers and other informative things to help their business or any other thing they would like the public to know about. Graphic designers can work with photographers as well as in teams with other designers. They use original pictures and hand drawn objects to put together what they imagine and use to programs like Photoshop and Illustrator to digitally create it.


A beginning graphic designer might have a yearly salary of $27,900 and as they become experienced, they might eventually be making around $79,260 or more.

Career Outlook

The job outlook for graphic designers is stable in Colorado and there should be almost 300 job openings annually but there is a low number of job openings nationally. Graphic design growth is lower than the average growth rate but they will still be needed for a long time, especially with advances in technology.

Skills and Traits

Graphic designers are most commonly artistic, enterprising, and realistic. They value independence and achievement. Graphic designers should have general learning abilities, verbal aptitude, spatial and form perception, and finger dexterity. Skills include reading, writing, listening, and critical thinking. They should also be able to produce their own designs.


Working conditions for a graphic designer involve lots of sitting at a computer and possibly lifting heavy books. It is indoors when the designer is working at a computer but can be outdoors if they are with a photographer or taking pictures themselves. Repetitive motions are made more than ⅓ of the time. There is not much injury or illness risk at all. Designers should be able to identify color and work with their hands constantly.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of this career include being able to create images that send a message, develop illustrations for many companies, and become close with people in marketing and sales to become more well known and gain more clients. Disadvantages of this career is that it is always competitive, dealing with hard clients and figuring out what words to use on an image so that everything important is involved.

How I Am Preparing For This Career

I currently practice my drawing skills to help me prepare for a career like this. I have also taken Drawing & Painting, Multimedia, and Graphic Design courses where I have gained experience in creating my own PSA about litter (left).