Destination Project

By: Maggie Pfiffner

Things About the Car

The car is a Toyota Corolla and the mileage gets up to 39. The amount of money per day is thirty-one dollars and ninety-nine cents, but for the whole trip its two hundred thirty two dollars and eight cents.

Day 1

On the first day you are driving to St. Louis to go to the arch. The arch is a total of twenty dollars per person. Then your going to eat lunch at Zia's Restaurant and Catering. After that your on your way to Chicago. You get to Chicago in the night and check into The James Chicago hotel. It costs one hundred sixty nine dollars per night. Then you go eat diner at Bravo Italian. Next you go to bed ready for a new day
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Day 2

You wake up and eat breakfast at the hotel. Then you get a total of seventy five dollars for shopping. After shopping you go to the skydeck. It costs nineteen dollars and fifty cents. Then you eat at Alinea Chicago. After all the fun you get back on the road and head to Detroit. Once your in Detroit you go to William G. Millikan State Park and Harbor. It ends up to be free so you don't have to spend any money there. Then you go and eat at Schlotzskys. After you eat you check in Atheneum Suite Hotel. It costs a total of one hundred forty nine dollars. Then its time to go to sleep
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Day 3

Wake up and eat breakfast at the hotel. Then you drive to New York City.