Made For You

Melissa Marr

One wants to kiss her. The other wants to kill her.


Eva Cooper-Tilling is hit by a car walking home from a party one night. After waking up in the hospital, she discovers that she can see anyone's death, if they touch her. Judge, a twisted admirer of Eva's, begins killing her classmates to send one message. She was made for him. Eva returns home and tries to save her friends with her newfound gift and the anti-social pariah of her high school, Nate.
Melissa Marr's "Made For You" Book Trailer


I know the look in her eyes. I've seen it once before when I was a lot younger. That was the night my mother permanently solved the problem of my father's infidelity. They say boys always pick girls like their mothers. I knew Eva was made for me.


It's a darkly twisted story of teenage love turned teenage obsession. I would most definitely recommend it.