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April 4, 2016

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T-TESS & Technology Integration

During the 2016-2017 school year, the Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) will be rolled out to all districts in Texas. Many teachers across Texas will be trained in this new evaluation system this summer. As we transition to this new system, I will share my thoughts and tips on how technology can support teachers in the context of T-TESS. Since I'm new to the T-TESS system, I will be learning many things along with you, so your understanding is appreciated.

After examining the Teacher Handbook, it is apparent that in order for technology integration to facilitate and enhance learning outcomes for students, it must be purposefully incorporated in lesson design. Integrating technology should become a routine practice that is seamless and readily available for students.

TEA explains that there are four critical elements which must be present to integrate technology effectively. They include;

  1. Knowledge of Content and the Discipline
  2. Knowledge of Instructional Practices
  3. Knowledge of Technology
  4. Knowledge of Students

What are your initial thoughts about T-TESS and technology integration? Look for future posts on this topic over the next few months. Your comments and questions are welcome.

New Google Contacts Preview

You may not have noticed yet but Google updated the way contacts management works. Here is a video introducing the new contacts feature.

Google Contacts Preview- March 2016

Quicktime Player: A Simple-to-Use Recording Tool

Have you ever wanted to record something on your computer to share with others? Did you know you probably have a program called Quicktime Player installed on your computer just for this purpose? Most newer Macs have this program already installed. PCs also have a version though the functionality may be a bit different. Follow this link to learn how you can record movies, audio, and your screen to share with others. Try finding Quicktime Player by going to your Applications folder.

Congratulations! Mrs. Zavala

Our first winner of the Student Project Showcase drawing is Magdalena Zavala. She wins a Kensington Presenter Remote. Mrs. Zavala submitted a student project entitle Vision TISD.

Vision Taylor ISD is a district-wide project where students are invited to take photographs and make artwork that best represents each word in our District’s vision statement.

Mrs. Zavala, Taylor High School's Commercial Photography & Photojournalism teacher leads this project with the students taking art or a digital media class.

She invites these students along with teachers, parents, and community members to share their interpretation of words from the District’s vision statement. They are encouraged to share via Twitter using the hashtag #VisionTISD. All are invited to follow the project at @VisionTISD

Submit Today!- Student Project Showcase

I would love to showcase all the great things Taylor ISD students are doing while integrating technology on the Taylor ISD IT Blog, Twitter and Facebook feeds. I created this form for your submissions. https://goo.gl/aJZkp0

​ ​(link also available on the Technology homepage)

I will draw for a prize every Friday until the end of the school year.

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