Physical Geography

Learn All About It - Philippines

Location of Manila (The capital of Philippines)

Absolute Location

- 14° 35' N / 120° 59' E

Relative Location

- Next to Manila Bay
- Surrounded mostly by water

Seasons and Causes

The Philippines has three seasons: the tag-init, tag-ulan, and tag-lamig.
  • The tag-init is the hot dry season from March to May.
  • The tag-ulan is the rainy season from June to November.
  • The tag-lamig is the cool dry season from December to February.

Seasons are caused by the tilt of the Earth. The tilt decides the amount of direct sunlight on a hemisphere of the Earth. The more the direct sunlight, the warmer it is. When the Northern Hemisphere is tilted towards the sun, the Northern Hemisphere will have summer because it will have more direct sunlight. The Southern Hemisphere will have winter because it is not tilted towards the sun.



When the big piece of the Earth started to break apart not only were smaller pieces formed, but also there were bodies of water that were formed. Those bodies of waters were the ocean.



How do physical processes affect the location and distribution of physical features on the Earth?

Why do we study and understand the interaction between humans and Earth’s structure, function, and processes?

Why do humans study the interaction between themselves and the earth?

How do geographers study the earth, and what tools do they use?