Prairie Presentation

By: Karah Joyner


Visiting the prairie was an odd adventure, but its just like the olden times like living in My Antonia. In my opinion, I would not want to live there. There’s to many weeds and grasses that it would practically drive me insane. All of the weeds looked dead, but that’s because the season for those weeds ended.

When i was looking this is what i saw...

· See – The wild grasses and beautiful assortments of plants and different weeds.

· Hear – The wind moving the grasses and them blowing into each other. There were some bird chirps and whistles.

· Smell – “a breath of fresh air.”

· Touch – Its like nature is truing to reach out and pull me into its life and the texture of the different weeds grabbing my sweatshirt.

Taste – from the smell…I can make out the faint taste of white sage and the bittersweet dew from the early morning

As I was listening, I heard the grass hit each other and the faint sound of the wind that did so. There were no crickets or bugs, but a few bird chirps along the way.

The prairie looked like an over grown hay field with more weeds. It was very hilly and bumpy.

1. There was more life than expected, but it still looked over grown and dangerous to live in. when you are old and walk out of the prairie, from my experiences i would fall and break a hip because you can get your foot caught in the weeds.