September 8th


Math Practice

  1. Collect $2.00
  2. Capture 5
  3. Xtra Math (
  4. Fast 10 (see rules below)

Each student gets 5 cards the rest are placed face down in the middle.

Each player looks at their card and looks for 2 cards that have a sum of 10. If they don't have anything to make 10 they discard one card and take a new card. If they do have 2 cards to make 10, things get interesting! In the center of the table is a group of spoons one less than the number of students in the group. The person who has 10 lays their 10 face up on the table and quickly grabs a spoon. The rest of the students have to be quick and pay attention so that they can also grab a spoon. The person left without a spoon gets a "T" and when they spell "TEN" they are out. If a student calls 10 and grabs a spoon without actually having a 10, putting 7 + 4 for example, then they are the one who has the "T" and the student without the spoon is safe for that round. It is a fun game and the kids get very into it.

Review addition strategies by watching the video below.

Basic Addition Strategies

Math Lesson

10 Minute Math


-How many strips of 10 would there be to represent this number?

-How many singles?

-If I wanted to break up 143 so that there are 13 singles, how many strips of 10 would there be?

-How many strips of 10 if there are 23 singles?

-How many strips of strips of 10 would there be if there are 33 singles?

What Makes Ten?

Close to 100


We will analyze clues from the story to make and confirm predictions as we read as well as collect unfamiliar words..

I will create a list of unfamiliar and interesting words as I make and revise predictions.

Critical Writing: Read Cardigain Jones and create a word list sorting your word lists into three categories: Kind of know, Don't know, Interesting

Context Clues

Reading Small Group

We will summarize text maintaining logical order.

I will create a graphic organizer using a strategy.

Strategy for Summarizing


We will develop drafts by categorizing ideas and organizing them into paragraphs.

I will create a do and don't list and compose our first draft.

Word Study

We will analyze and compare words using three checkpoints for the floss rule.

I will apply the checkpoints to determine if the word applies to the floss rule.

Create a list of floss words in your journal. f, l, s

Floss Rule Spelling


We will investigate physical properties of matter such as temperature, mass, magnetism, and ability to sink or float.

I will analyze the physical properties of matter.

Physical Science For Children All About Properties Of Matter