the Secret Life of Bees

By: Sue Monk Kidd

Story Elements

The Secret Life of Bees takes place near charleston, south carolina during the past time around 1964. The main conflict in the story is that motherless lily lives unhappily with her emotionally detached father, who claims that lily, as a small child, accidentally killed her mother. when her black maid-and only friend-rosaleen gets arrested for confronting three racists, lily decides to break rosaleen out of jail. together they run away to a place lily suspects her mother once spent time.

Character Analysis

The main character is lily. three word to decribe lily are strong, prejudice, and inlove. the character is motivatred by finding her mothers pas, being inlove with zach and the bees. i like lily because she helps rosaleen break out of jail even though she knows its the wrong thing to do because she is black. the relationship between lily and rosaleen is good because rosaleen is like a mother to lily and her closest friend.


The theme of the novel is the irrational racism from lily. one example that supports the theme is lily thinks that all black boys only go to college for sports because they arent smart enough. Another example is that she didnt take rosaleens side when she was direspected and abused by three white men and blame it on her for trying to defend herself by spitting on their shoes.a gthird example from the book is she cant think as rosaleen as her mother because she said she isnt as smart and as educated as a white mom would be. a final example was she worries that she cant fall inlove with zach because he is black.


I rate this book a 8 because it is a good book and shows that friends and love can change a lot of things. teens can relate to this book because most kids grow and were to follow what their parents taught them. She didnt think higly of blacks because she was raised that way, ironicly she fell inlove with a black person and was bestfriends with a black person who was her maid. so some peopkle can relate beacause they are raised to do certain things but later on in life things affect that and make you look at life a different way
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