Thing To Know About Me

by Jerimiah Davis

Something I Do Well

Driving my go kart around my back yard and get mud all over me and the go kart.I like to drive my go kart around the back yard.

Things I like About School

I like about school is there are cubs.There are a lot of clubs.If we didn't had school ,we won't be seeing our friend today.I like s.s and some time like math some times.

My favorite movie

Fast and Furious 8 Official Trailer 2017 HD

What I like to do the most

Backyard Dirt Go Karting 2013

songs I like

The song i like is emema songs

What games I like

The games I like is dirt bike games,races,andmincraft

The car I like

Big image

MY favorite thing i like to do

2014 Pioneer Days Four Wheeler Mud Races