Red River OX Cart

By: Alex Hayward



  • It transports your things easier
  • You can go through water with them
  • You can ride in them

  • Really Loud
  • It doesn't haul everything at once

History and Inventor

The early settlers would have up to 200 carts going at once. The cart was made up of mostly oak which was 15 dollars to make. The carts could hold up to 1,000 pounds. They were made by the Metis, Which is a person of mixed American Indian and Euro American ancestry.
Red River Carts

Buy the Ox Cart

The Ox Cart is the way to go. You can travel anywhere you want with them. You can ride on them and haul stuff on them. You don't have to go on a designated track or area. You need to buy this cart it's is even very cheap. It costs 15 dollars to build and you don't have to pay for anything else.