Kaitlyn's Bucket list

#1- Skydiving

I would like to go skydiving above the Virginia Mountains. Physical erosion would would be happening on the Virginia Mountains.Gravity is the force that makes this erosion happen. I would like to skydiving with Vanessa.
Skydive Bath 2011-2012 Promo Video (Short Version)

#2- Ziplining

I would like to go zip lining over the Great Wall of China. Physical erosion is happening to the Great Wall of China.Gravity is the cause of the erosion on the wall.I would also want to go zip lining with my brother Alex.
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#3- Go to the Jamaican beach

I would like to go to the Jamaican beach. Physical erosion is happening and water is the main cause of this type of erosion.I would like to go to Jamaica with Parker.

#4-Climbing Colorado mountain

I want to climb the Colorado Mountains. The cause of the mountains eroding is physical erosion.Gravity is the cause of this mountains eroding.I would want to go mountain climbing with my friend Emily.
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#5- Visit Paris

I want to go to Paris to visit the Effil tower. the cause of this tower eroding is chemical erosion.Rust is the cause of this beautiful tower eroding away.i would want to go to Paris with my friend Emily.