Chapter 3

Igniting a Passion Through Book Chats

Book Chat Basics

1) Read books that your students can relate to!

2) Book chats are intended to motive students to WANT to read!

3) Keep your book chats between six to eight minutes long!

4) If you decided to read an excerpt from the book, make sure that there doesn't need to be any type of clarification about the characters, setting, etc. so that the students would feel lost.

Make sure to HOOK your students

When giving a book chat, make sure to follow these simple steps to hook your audience so that they will want to read:

1) Launch a discussion

2) Show a video clip

3) Costumes

4) Props

5) Introduce YOURSELF as the character

Book Chat Binders

1) Have binders available for your students to look through of all the book chats that have been given.

2) Think of the binders as "our" binders not "my" binders!