Mustang Minute

Vol III Issue 26, March 6, 2015


This is a longer edition of the MM, to make up for some lost time! It's hard to believe, but here are some facts: We have 20 days until spring break. After that we have 20 days until SOL testing begins. 40 days!

We're already organized around this idea - teaching students what they need to know based on the VDOE standards and your assessments. Remember your PD and your commitments. Rely on and help your teammates. I am confident in the course we've charted. And the results will speak for themselves...

Grant Winners!

Congratulations to: Karla Moody and Karen DiGiorgio, Shelley Haywood, and Laura McCarthy.

These staff members were selected to receive grants for innovative projects that support instruction. These mini grants (up to $500) are funded by the Newport News Educational Foundation and the National Council of Jewish Women.

Around the School


March 9 - Marlene Press

March 10 - Aaron Johnson

March 14 - Chyna Wilson/Robin Weisflog

March 15 - Nicole Nicholson


Monday 3/9

  • Child Study
  • Data Meetings (3-5)

Tuesday 3/10

  • Data Meeting (K)
  • PTA Board @ 6PM
  • Field Trips (4th/5th)

Wednesday 3/11

  • PD Team/Faculty Meeting @ 8:00
  • STAR students (2:45)
  • Literacy Institutes

Thursday 3/12

  • Alston Out (Conference)
  • Literacy Institutes

Friday 3/13

  • Retention Letter (L2) Mailed
  • Full day for students

Sunday 3/15

  • One City Marathon (See flyer and link below. Runners will pass BC Charles from 7:45 - 9:00. All are welcome!)


3/16 - 4th/5th Lead Meetings

3/19 - Gwinn Out AM (AP meeting)

3/26 - PTA Program (4th/5th Performance)

3/30 - 4/15 - MP3 Benchmarks

3/13 - Summative Observations DUE

4/6-10 - Spring Break

4/15 - Formative Observations DUE

ICYMI - BC Charles Student Art Display @ NNPS Student Art Exhibit 2015, Downing Gross Cultural Arts Center

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Big image

BC Charles is Opening Doors

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