The Diaries of Adam and Eve

- Mark Twain

Summary of the Article

The article portrays the differences between males and females. When Eve sets eyes on Adam, she was frightened and ran away. However, her curiosity dragged her back to him where she found out that he was human. She felt a profound affection towards him, but the feeling wasn't mutual. Adam wanted to be left alone. As time passed, Adam and Eve grew to love each other and, in the end, an elderly Adam is filled with a realization of that love as he stands at Eve's grave.

Article's Main Themes

  • Love
  • Dualism
  • Gender
  • Sexuality
  • Humor
  • Do you think that Eve loved Adam more than he loved her?
  • Do you think that she put more into the relationship and valued the relationship more than he did? Why or why not?

By the English Enthusiasts

Nadim Hamad, Sara Madi, Omar Omeish, Osama Chamaa