Innovation Project- Baking

By- Stacy, Varshini, and Pari

The Problem

When we are baking sometimes our final product is too hard, too soft, tastes weird. All of this happens because we did not put the right amount of ingredients.

Our solution/Innovation

What we would like to innovate is how we tell is our batter is ready or not to be put in the oven.

- We want to creat a glass box which we can put our batter in.

- The glass box will have a sencer on top of it which will scan our batter .

- The sencer will tell us how we can improve our batter.

Pros and Cons


- No matter what your final product will taste good.

- Less time consuming

- Hygienic


- Enjoyment of baking might disappear

- People will start to think without this invention they can't bake

- The rays of the sencer might harm people in the future.

Our Procedure to achieve our goal

Step 1- Use coding to create a software that the sencer will run.

Step 2 - Get correct measurements and ensemble the glass box and the sencer

Step 3 - Send our product to authorities to get it to be legal.

Step 4-Then we can start advertising for our product

Step 6- Sell our product

How does baking relate to Math

Baking has so many connections to math.

- You have to measure all the ingredients.

- Set up a proportion on how many brownies you will need for x number of people

- Only bake the brownies for certain minute so they won't burn.

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