Thrift Me Pretty

Personal Stylist - Stasia Savasuk

Dress Your Being

Our clothing, the way we dress, is how we present ourselves to the world EVERY SINGLE DAY. Our unique personal style is our essence, our dreams, our bodies - all wrapped into one. My goal is to help you achieve congruency between your being and your closet.

Closet Consultation

Do you open your closet each morning and say, Ugh - I've got nothing to wear. You're not alone! Stop wasting money on clothes that don't reflect your whole being, and sign up for a CLOSET CONSULTATION!

  • We'll start with a 2-page Style Questionnaire
  • Then, we'll meet at your home for a 2-hour wardrobe reinvention
  • We will pinpoint your own personal and unique style
  • You'll try on clothes and I'll teach you why you love them/why you hate them
  • We'll create outfits out of what you already own
  • I'll leave you with style and thrift shopping tips
  • AND, I'll act as your own PERSONAL THRIFT SHOPPER!!


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