Miss Guenin & Mrs. Mercer's Updates

May 2016

--Curriculum Corner--

Adios to ISTEP!

First, we want to thank you and your child for patience, persistence, and a great attitude the last week and a half. Between taking the first session of testing, completing the "stress tests", participating in multiple practice tests, and finally taking the second round of tests....it has been a LONG process. We are happy to announce that we have completed all ISTEP testing for the year! Thank you for your support at home during this time.

Everyday Math: Unit 12

In Unit 12, students use factor trees to find prime factorization, greatest common factors, and least common multiples. They also use tree diagrams to represent combinations of choices and to find probabilities in situations where combinations are equally likely. The unit concludes with reviewing and practicing ratio and rate problems.

Unit 12 has five main areas of focus:

  • find the greatest common factor and least common multiple of two numbers
  • use the Multiplication Counting Principle and tree diagrams
  • use ratios and ratio comparisons
  • write number models for ratio number stories
  • calculate rates from data

US Regions: States and Capitals

The following dates indicate when students will be tested over the states and capitals. Instead of one large exam, students will complete five individual quizzes. For each quiz, students will be provided a map and asked to identify the respective state and its capital.

  • May 12th--South
  • May 12th--Southwest
  • May 19th--Midwest
  • May 24th--Northeast
  • May 27th--Southeast

Students have an abundance of resources on their schools iPads (free apps, digital maps, links through Canvas) and will be provided with paper copies of blank regional maps as well. We have provided resources; we leave it up to your child to determine how he/she studies and learns best in preparation for these assessments.

--Student Showcase--

Math Fact Mastery

Congratulations to the following students who have met the 5th grade multiplication goal!

  • Aaleeya Epp
  • Gabi Franklin
  • Bella Salinas
  • Noah Titzer
  • Anthony Wilson

--Upcoming Events--

Please be sure to mark you calendar for the following upcoming events that directly relate to your 5th grader.

  • May 11th--Early Release Day
  • May 11th--STEAM Enrichment Program in the LGI at 12:15pm
  • May 13th--All School Music & Talent Performance at 2:00pm
  • May 24th--5th Grade Tour at West Middle School at 9:00am
  • May 26th--Fifth Grade Farewell at Dillon Park
  • May 27th--Field Day (AM for 5th grade)
  • May 31st--Fourth and Fifth Grade Awards at 2:00pm

--Parent Corner--

Do you have 15 minutes? This is a great TED Talk that might help to explain some of the changes and frustrations you might be seeing at home.
Help Mrs. Hollenbeck: Instrument Petting Zoo

Can you volunteer some time to help Mrs. Hollenbeck with this year's Instrument Petting Zoo. No experience needed!