Jaycie Pendry

Myth #2

- Men are not nurturing enough to work with small children.

- Leftovers from days when the woman stayed home to raise the children and the man worked.

- Nurturing is more of a personality, not gender.

How the myth is not true? If a woman leaves and man for good with a child I think its very much possible for a man to raise a child by himself.

Myth #3

- Women are not strong enough for trade or construction jobs.

- Veteran women construction workers say job is mentally hard, not so much physical.

- Lack of strength is NOT a factor in job performance.

How is this myth not true? I think some women think that they are strong enough and can do anything but i personally think this is so much of a males work that a woman should not even attempt.

Myth #4

- Men who work in nontraditional careers are masculine.

- Women who work in nontraditional careers are not feminine.

- Pursue careers based on interests, skills, and satisfaction.

How is this myth not true? I think this ''myth'' is very much true.

Myth #5

- Females do not have strong aptitude for math and science.

- Men outnumber women in STEM careers.

- Women still face challenges in this area.

Not true? No, this is true.

Myth #6

- Women will leave employment to get married and have children.

- On average, a woman works 30 years over the course in her lifetime.

- More than half of women return to work within 1-3 years.

True? yes, or a woman who has a way paying husband that can provide for her family, then she would become a stay at home mom.