Staying out of Debt

Using Credit Wisely

Ways to keep a decent credit score!

Do you want to stay out debt? If so, read below to find out the best way!

  • If you have credit don't use all the credit that's available
  • Pay your bills in full and on time
  • Only buy things you know you can afford to pay off

Do you know the difference between using a credit card and debit card?

A credit card allows you to borrow money and pay it back later with an interest rate. While a debit card means you have that money basically in cash except it's on a card, it comes directly out of a checking account. That money you don't pay interest on because it's your own money and they don't have to trust that you will pay it back. Credit cards are tricky because yes it's easy money to borrow if you don't have enough, but you also have to be able to afford to pay that money back. If you can't afford to pay that money back then your credit score goes way down and it will be hard to get anything else!

We will help you get out of trouble!

We know that many people are in debt because of credit cards and not being able to pay back the debt. We want to be able to help with that debt and get rid of all the bad credit.