My Future Bobaa

Arising Artist; Kimberly Howard

VCU Arts

So far, as I continue on the journey into becoming an adult, I have been avidly looking for opportunity to become a top notch artist, which I have to say isn't really the easiest task. So far, I've managed to get a personal tour of the Art department of VCU by a high end person who works with a family member, and even though it doesn't make it concrete in stone, VCU has become an option.

*As a foot note, I've thought also about going out of state for college due to parental influence, despite not really having a desire to leave Virginia, but my best bet is that if I leave Virginia, I might as well end up in a high end state, most likely New York. The college there that I have tons about through my current art magnet school (Governor's School For the Arts) is Remi(UGH idefk), which previously had free tuition till recent, but it's been an option, but for the sake of an undecided mind I'll just use VCU.


VCU is located in the Richmond area, which conveniently keeps me close to home. Through thorough description, VCU School of the Arts is a public university with the Monroe Park Campus with currently around 3,000 students.

Admission Requirements (What must be Submitted)

According to listing under freshman applicants, prior to entering for visual arts strand at VCUarts students spend two semester in Art Foundations. Personally, I don't particularly like the sound of it since I've already had to with such things. It sort of has a negative connotation considering that the art high school I'm coming from is high ended and I didn't have a foundations class. Digression aside, the deadlines to submit a common application to VCU is January 15th while the deadline for portfolio submission is February 2nd, which it is in bold that they only accept applications for the fall semester.

VCU requires that freshman students below the age of 22 submit SAT and ACT scores as part of their application. Also required is an up to date high school transcript, while GED holders must submit their GED scores. Something they commonly ask for is your social security number.

For the portfolio portion; it is required to submit 12 to 16 works that have been created within a prior 2 year to the present, and nothing older.

Everything is encourages to be sent digitally so knowing how to professional take photos of your work would be great (Cheers for learning!)

I would expect that they would want to know that the student has experience, and as for leadership and other activities, it doesn't focus on those two things primarily, not even a subtle mention.I could assume that they would think the higher the GPA, the better, but since I would impose that they are looking for talent and experience, whoever looks like they have the best work would be great, but that's only an inference.

Application Fee

Since freshman have to submit common applications, I'm not too sure what the fee is since the description application fees only mention that transferring applicants may only submit electronic applications along with a $50 fee for online submission.

Nearby Interests/ Sites

I suppose you could for the location being in Virginia's capital, it makes it easier to call it a better and one of the best art colleges in all of Virginia. Since Richmond is very urban how it is with the including scenery of Blue Ridge Mountains and Atlantic Ocean, it's all art students really need surrounding wise as for inspiration on what to create.


The department of the university I'll be working with is the Visual Arts & Design strand which includes basic Art Foundations, Painting, Photography, and other things in the basic need to knows of art.


Personally, I haven't really decided on what form of art to focus on primarily. I'm debating between majoring in painting and graphic design considering that those two topics of art are something that I'm primarily alright with besides traditional drawing of course. I'm not too sure, as an artist, I feel like I could major in anything I would like but still have the freedom to do something outside of what I major in.


The minimum semester credits for an undergraduate degree is 120 credits. A minimum GPA of a 2.0. Even though you graduate, I would suppose that you would need experience in being a sales type of person with a good hand with manipulation that could help guarantee the sale of your work. Getting commissions from potential clients as a young fledgling could also get you a foot into the sales world with experience on how to handle your work and deal with guidelines given to you. Lastly, I feel like you would need experience with handling your own gallery show, it helps to have experience.

Income and Tutition

VCU has the lowest annual tuition among the top 10 schools of art and design with a tuition fee of $29,847 to non-resident students and a $12,398 for residential students.

Income for a job like being an artist isn't easy or something you can find a standard deviation of. It mostly depends on your sales person skill and social skill. Some artists could make no income for the art they make and some could sell out pieces for millions. It all depends on how your name is branded.

*As a foot note, over the years it's noticed that most of the time an artist's older work previous to their fame is more expensive than the art they makes a grow closer to possible fame. As it's always said, an artist's name makes art worth more.

Financial Aid

Grants are awards based on the financial need as well as they do not require employment. People wishing to pursue in VCU are encouraged to apply for Financial Aid. Work Study could count as part time employment on campus.

Career Statistics

Well, the options for majoring in Graphic Design are endless. I could literally draw anything, but as specifics I could be an environmental designer, brand and identity designer, typography designer, the options are endless!

As a painter you can't really be much besides an artist. It's a pretty generic based topic without much wiggle room. I feel like it would be nice to double dip into both

Stats wise, I wouldn't really want to look into right now, considering that I don't even know what people will be looking for in an artist in the future. Whatever job opportunity arises comes along, I guess.

College Reputation

I could have paid more at a different great art school, but why would I?
Brandi, Graphic Design

The only out-of-state school I applied to was VCUarts because of its reputation, it’s part of a major university, and it has the lowest tuition costs of all the top art schools.
Molly, Painting and Printmaking

"Choosing VCU ranks up there as one of the smartest decisions of my life"

-Becky Heavner

Editorial Illustrator, Alumna

Other Interests

Well, who knows where the road may lead me? Besides, I might reconsider what I want to be in life by Junior year or anything. Specifically, I would like to stay in the art field, but if push comes to shove and I can't exactly remain there, I might just pick up something in the line of family business of what has already been built by my mother and family.

I really don't want to turn out to be a poor artist, but I can't really guarantee anything, and that's what really scares me considering that creating art is a passion and I want to succeed but the chances... :')