Who IS Julian Assange?

By Bellamy, Finn, Jessie, Olympia and Tarah

Julian Assange

He is known as the editor in chief of the website "Wikileaks" which publishes secret information, news leaks and classified media from anonymous sources. Julian created this website in 2006. Julian is 43 years old, born 3rd of July, 1971.
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Ecuadorian Embassy

Julian is currently living in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. This is because he applied for political asylum, which is when someone feels unsafe in their country, and applies to live in another country for safety.
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Why is Julian seeking refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy?

If Julian leaves the Ecuadorian embassy, Julian will have to face trial for sexual offences including rape and sexual assault. He denies the allegations by the Swedish government and has not been formally charged with any offences. Two Swedish women behind the complaints have been described by (Julian's supporters) of making malicious complaints or being "honeytraps" in a wider conspiracy against him.