Santa Claus is Coming To Town!

Tyler & Josephs December Flyer

A Month of Memories & Magic!

December was a busy month but full of fun! We started the month off by attending our community Christmas program where we watched our favorite friends Katlyne and Marcus perform and Holly's Dance Girls dance. We then helped celebrate our friends, Katlyne 10th and Marcus 9th birthday! We enjoyed Christmas family time with our extended families. Santa Claus was very nice to us this year. However the boys met Santa and Tyler was very fearful of him while Joseph was laid back and didn't have a care in the world.

We went for our 6 month dental check up and Joseph had another trip to the doctor this month due to a contact rash all over his body. :(

We started weekly over night visits with Mr. Cook. We worked out a schedule for Christmas and New Years so that both Mr. Cook and ourselves could spend time with the boys. Tyler and Joseph have struggled to adjust but we are working through it.