First Grade Newsletter

January 16, 2015

Welcome Back!

We are so excited to be back at school after our holiday break! We have already started learning a lot of new and exciting things in first grade and can't wait to share them with you. Thanks for checking in with our first grade newsletter! We will continue to send out updates every 2 weeks. You can also find the link to the newsletters on the Peterson First Grade webpage!

Don't Forget!

We have some important dates coming up that you won't want to miss!

Monday 1/19- Martin Luther King Jr. Day! No school!

We will kick off our Boosterthon Fundraising Event next Tuesday, January 20th with a pep rally during the school day! Our Boosterthon Fun Run will be held on Thursday, January 29th. Our first graders will run from 1:30-2:30pm. More information for Boosterthon will be sent home next week!

Our 100th day of school is approaching quickly! We will celebrate the 100th day of school on February 6th. Your student's teacher will send home an information sheet on a 100th day of school project that we do every year in first grade. We are excited to see what our students create!

Report cards are coming out SOON for our 3rd six weeks! Don't forget to access them online through our Home Access Center with NISD. This can be found on our Peterson website or at

The principal book of the month is called The Day the Crayons Quit. Below are some pictures from a book reading by our principal, Mrs. Tremain, to our first graders!

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Readers, Writers, and Social Studies

In Reader's Workshop we are learning what it means to make an inference. What can you infer about the text? What can you infer from the picture? We are also talking about VISUALIZATION! We are working on visualizing different events and being able to write about them!

In Writer's Workshop we are talking about different types of poetry! This week we learned about alliterations, similes, metaphors, and sensory poems! Our students have enjoyed applying their learning by writing poems themselves.

In Social Studies, we learned all about Martin Luther King Jr. Students had the opportunity to draw and write how THEY could make the world a better place, just like MLK!

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Math Workshop

In Math Workshop we have talked about comparing quantities and figuring out what numbers are least or greatest. Students have worked with tens and ones blocks to make numbers that they can compare. We have also continued to review shapes, doubles, and doubles plus 1 or 2. Students have enjoyed activities that discuss sorting objects into different categories and continuing to play math games that focus on math fluency!
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In Science our first graders have been learning all about wind and air! They have created a windsock to experiment with outside as well as learning all about good and bad types of wind. We have discussed different directions wind can blow, how we can measure the temperature of the air and wind, and how we all NEED air to live and breathe!
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