Toulouse, France

A Perfectly Pink Place

A Tale of Toulouse

Toulouse is often overlooked as a big traveling point when going to France, but it's one of the most fascinating and historic cities there. To locals it is known as La Ville Rose which means The Pink City, it got its name because of a distinctive pink stone which many of the buildings are made of. Toulouse is 45.68 mi².

Toulouse, France

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Le château d’eau, pôle photographique de Toulouse

This is a nineteenth century water tower that is now a photography gallery. It's one of the oldest public places dedicated to photography in the world. This gallery would be a wonderful place to go to if you're someone with a love for photography.
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The People of Toulouse

There are approximately 1,250,251 people living in Toulouse. Toulouse has the fourth-largest population in France, after Paris (12.3 million),Lyon (2.2 million), and Marseille (1.7 million). The people in Toulouse are very warm and kind, compared to some other parts of France, if you are new they will show you around, no matter who you are, or tell you about some interesting sights to see while you are there. The people there are very hospitable, everyone is treated with hospitality. And they are so kind.

L'Atelier du Burger

This restaurant is perfect for anyone who likes burgers. The ingredients are bought locally and the burgers are prepared right in front of you! They are served on a plate made of black stone, but this is not black rock, they also come with home cooked fries and they look delicious.

Address: 9 Rue Gambetta, 31000, Toulouse, France

Phone Number: +33 5 34 30 00 72

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Le Grand Balcon

This is a great hotel with beautiful black and white photographs all around, some of the photographs may have quotes from famous or historic people or it may have a fact about that person. Le Grand Balcon is a modern and luxurious hotel in an old district, with a beautiful view of the Capitole.

Price Range: $118 - $221 (Based on Average Rates for a Standard Room)

Address: 8-10 Rue Romiguieres | on Capitole place, 31000 , Toulouse, France

Hotel Class:5 star — Le Grand Balcon 5*