In a Heartbeat

By: Sarah Vanio

The Theme

The theme of In a Heartbeat is "Always do your best because you never know what the future may hold."


Eagan died because of an accident on the ice. She left many things behind including her heart. Her heart is now inside Amelia, a desperate girl in need of a heart. Amelia feels really lucky to be alive. Except now she is beginning to take on strange characteristics. While Eagan is trapped somewhere in heaven, she does not know what to do with herself. As things become less gray, she finds her grandma and where she really wants to be. Amelia is trying really hard with her friend Ari to find out who this girl was. When they find out they call the family of Eagan and let them know. The book comes to a happy ending where Eagan is happy in heaven and Amelia is happy on Earth.

Description of Two Characters

Eagan- A professional ice-skating girl who loses her life to a small mistake on the ice. Amelia- A girl who is in desperate need of a heart because of her current heart condition.


The setting takes place in three main different places.   1) Gray clouds in heaven    2) The hospital   3) The house of Amelia and her family.  


One example of conflict/resoultion is Amelia's failing heart. This is an example because her failing heart problem gets resolved. It gets resolved because Amelia gets Eagans heart.

About the Author

The author of my book is Loretta Elsworth.  She writes for children and young adults. She is also a former middle and high school teacher plus she is the author of three young adult novels, The Shrouding Woman, In Search of Mockingbird, and In a Heartbeat. She has four children and one granddaughter, and lives in Minnesota.

3 Favorite Quotes

3 of my favorite quotes from the book are   1) "Her heart gave me a second chance at life." -Amelia   2) "I was off by an inch." -Eagan   3) "I blend into the fog like a single tree in a forest." -Eagan