by Kate Rector

What does the big man sound and look like?

A adult bigfoot weighs about 400-1000lbs. Their height is 6- 14ft. The reason why americans call him bigfoot, because their feet are 12-22inches. A adults hand are 6-9inches long. Their hair is black, dark brown, brown, red, and white. They have brown and red eyes. Bigfoots make a lot of vocalization. they make calls(whoops,and whoas),grunts, barks, clicks, and they whistle.

How do they survive?

Trying to Survive

These creatures survive by natural resources. They omnivorous, they eat plants and meat. The regular diet is grass, roots, berries, nuts, insects, eggs, rodents, and fish. Their habit, is forest, grassland,swamp, and dessert. For their tools, they use sticks, rocks, and they throw rocks too. They live alone or with small groups.