South America

Jessica May

About South America

South America is the planets 4th biggest continent it has 12 independent countries and 3 major territories. The Falkland islands, Galapagos islands and French Guiana. South America also contains the worlds highest waterfall, Angel falls in Venezuela. The longest mountain range, Andes mountains. Largest river by volume, Amazon river. They also have the driest place on Earth, Atacama desert (in Chile) and the largest rain forest Amazon rain forest


South America is located in the western hemisphere, mostly southern hemisphere. It can also be considered as a subcontinent of the Americas
In South America - 2012


There are plenty of problems in South America such as, Drug trafficking, Deforestation, Dictatorships and government corruption, Unemployment and economics, Challenges with infrastructure, Not enough or not equal education and not enough or not able to get to resorces


The heaviest snake on Earth (anaconda) can be found in South America

More then 20% of Earths oxygen is produced in South America

South Americas main resources are Gold, Silver, Copper, Iron ore, Tin and Petroleom

South America was named after the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci