Madina Academy

February 2021 Issue

EVENTS: Look what's Coming Up!

An exciting week is coming up at Madina Academy…that’s right, Spirit Week! This is the week where students dress up in all kinds of diverse and creative ways conveying our school spirit according to a specific theme each day. Fancy Friday is a new addition to Spirit week. It’s a day you get to dress like there is a party at Madina Academy! Open your closet and show off some of your fancier clothes. The high school girls have planned a fun week for everyone. The following are the dress codes for each day:

Monday- Pajama day

Tuesday- Twin Tuesday

Wednesday- Book character day

Thursday- Class color day

Friday- Fancy Friday

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For Students by Students: Self-Help by Ridaa Khan (9th Grade)

Dealing with Racism in School

The casual racism being dealt with by students takes a toll on their mental and emotional health. Schoolwork and other responsibilities add on to that stress and worry. Racism is one of the worst things someone can experience. Having to question how your skin defines you as a person is something that should not even be questioned in the first place. People usually tend to ignore racist comments and sweep it under the rug, which only prompts the instigator to continue their behavior and makes them believe their actions are acceptable. Many people have mixed reactions on how to handle the situation. My advice would be to react calmly, since you can’t find any sense to racism. Use the root of the problem’s logic against them and question their use of words/actions. Don’t waste your time or energy trying to argue with someone who cannot be reasoned with or doesn’t understand the severity of their actions. Instead, cut them off or report them to an adult. It is sometimes difficult to cut ties with someone you are close to who is associated or partakes in racism, but it is worth it. You will learn that you are better off without them and will learn to love and appreciate your race and culture.

Interview Article: Our New Librarian! By Haneen Abuteen

She is one of the newest additions to Madina Academy’s staff this year and plans to be working with us for quite a while. We are excited and lucky to have her enthusiasm and passion as a librarian.

  1. How long have you been a librarian? I completed my Master’s of Library and Information Science in 2013, I was a corporate librarian in my last job for four years and then went home to raise my kids full-time.

  2. Do you work anywhere else? When I’m not working at Madina academy, I’m doing the big work of parenting four small kids (aged 6 to 20 months)

  3. How has your experience been so far with the students here at Madina Academy? The students here are genuine, enthusiastic learners who are willing to try new things, learn in new ways and work together. Honestly, it’s the best--my job is to talk to students about books they love and make sure they’ve got fun and engaging things to read! I literally can’t think of anything better!

  4. How has your experience been so far with the teachers and staff here at Madina Academy? It’s been truly wonderful: it’s a joy to have co-workers dedicated to and inspired by their work because it comes through in everything they do. It’s remarkable to see what a small group of dedicated teachers can create and a privilege to be among them.

  5. What influenced you to become a librarian? Everything! My local library in my hometown is in a building that I thought was a castle when I was a kid, so I was passionate about being there as much as possible! I had a really special library teacher in elementary school who saw the reader in me and nurtured it. I started reading voraciously. In middle school and high school, I learned that different people reading the same book experience it differently and that fascinated me. In college, I was energized by academic rigor and got my first taste of librarianship when I ran a small student resource center. My college also had a Gutenberg press and book arts center, so I learned the art of hand bookbinding and repair there. I was so inspired by seeing a machine that changed the world in operation and needed to learn it for myself. I got my undergraduate degree without really knowing what I wanted to be next, so I went to work for a few years in an office job where I learned two important things; I wanted a vocation, not a job and information without input from users is noise. I stepped back and thought about the things that called to me in my life and decided that I’d become a librarian to try and give back some of the wonder, perspective and power that I’ve been given by books.

  6. What encouraged you to choose Madina Academy? I loved that Madina was a small, intentionally-created community of people working towards a collective purpose. My college was also a small community and I loved what I was able to create there and excited by the possibilities that small places represent . I was really drawn by the re-building that was going to need to happen. I like looking at something that needs reassembly and imagining the ways it could go back together. I also was so excited to be a librarian with primary school students, since in my life, that librarian made a difference for me.

  7. What is your favorite part about working here at Madina Academy? I love the students and their enthusiasm. I also love getting to do so many different parts of being a librarian: I read to students, help them pick books, I’m working on a new catalog, doing repairs, moving shelves, picking books, working with volunteers….I literally get to do every part of being a librarian!

  8. What is your least favorite part about working at Madina Academy? There are so many things I want to do with and for students and wish I could be here more. I also wish I could welcome students into the library but I’m so energized by working towards the day when I can!

  9. What do you think a librarian needs to be successful? Successful librarians need a vision for what they’re trying to achieve that matches with the place they’re working, the freedom to try new things and people who are excited about what they have to offer. One of the big reasons I’m at Madina is that the freedom and passion are here. I’m here because the space is inspirational and the support I’ve gotten shows that my vision is matched by leadership.

  10. Do you see yourself working here in the long term? The work that I am planning isn’t the work of a few months, it’s the work of years and it is my intention to be here to see it through.

Opinion Piece: Official Gym Room in Madina Academy - Ayat Saleh

Madina Academy lacks an official gym for its students. Throughout the years, the

students have held meetings with the school board to try to make their own gymnasium

right on school grounds. When it comes to middle and high school, boys and girls are

required to separate to participate in gym. When the weather is unsuitable to have gym

outside, students must use either the Musallah or the event hall. It is quite difficult

for boys and girls to keep switching gym locations each week since the Musallah is the desired location for the students. This causes the other students to get upset if they don't end up having gym in the Musallah. Madina Academy has buildings surrounding its main building which have the potential to provide a bigger space for gym. Madina Academy’s very own gymnasium will benefit its students’ gym classes and appease both the boys and the girls. We have the facilities available, so let us put them to good use.

Student of the month : Noora Khaled: Nominated and Selected by Middle/High School Students

Noora is a hard working, responsible, and engaged student and classmate. She always goes the extra mile when completing tasks. She made an excel sheet for gym class to assist the middle and high school girls in games to be played for each gym class. This has been very helpful. She treats all of the teachers and students with respect and patience. Her actions attest to her amazingly kind heart.

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