Dreams by Langston Hughes

by:Yaritza Estrada

T-Any types of dreams

Dreams can be funny or sad,any thing that you dream is yours.They can make you cry and they can make you laugh and make you mad.


Dreams can leave you and they can stay with you forever.They die and they can fade away.They die like humans do.They're like rain they come and they go.
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He doesn't want to let go of his dreams.He means that you should hold your dream.And we should always have a chance to keep your dreams.


The tone of the author is really sad because the he wants to keep his dreams like everyone does but he only wants to remember his good dreams only.And our dreams are like people because they come and they go.And he wants us to follow our dreams.


The shift of the poem is that he is really happy because he wants us to have dreams and he want's us to hold our dreams so that they won't die.
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I think that the title Dreams is a good title for the poem because it represents how dreams are in real life.And you should never let them die.


The theme of the poem is that you should take care of your dreams and you should always remember them.You should also keep them in your mind like the people you love.