Poisoned Candy Kills Inmate

(Thursday, July 29, 1920)

July 24th-

One woman is dead and four others are recovering from serious illness resulting from eating poisoned candy sent to an inmate of the Middle Tennessee Hospital for the Insane last Wednesday. Mrs. Susie Brooks was the inmate who received the candy. The convalescents who are suffering from illness caused by the candy are Mrs. Susie Littrell, inmate, Mrs. Dora Borders, inmate, Miss Willie Caffey, attendant, Mrs. J. Ivey, attendant. Police are hunting today for the party guilty of sending the poisoned candy which was consigned to Mrs. Litrell. Within a few minutes after eating the candy, the victims became suddenly ill and Mrs. Brooks who was the first to feel the effects of the poison, went into convulsions and died within 30 minutes. The deceased was a native of Sumner County, as well as Mrs. Littrell, to whom the poisoned candy was consigned.