'Salem's Lot by: Stephen King

Dominique Jones

'Salem's Lot

'Salem's lot is about a writer named Ben Mears who goes back to Jerusalem's Lot, Maine after twenty-five years. He goes back to write a book about the small town, more specifically about the "Marsten House". People in the town avoid the "Marsten House" as a man once killed his wife there and then committed suicide there by hanging himself. As a child, he once had the frightening experience of going into that house and seeing the ghost of that man. When Ben came to the town he had intended to rent the House, but had found out that it had already been purchased. Also in the beginning of the book Ben meets a women named Stacy, and they begin dating. After we are introduced to Ben and Stacy, the story flashes a year back to when Richard Straker and his associate Kurt Barlow purchase the house as well as the old laundromat ( which they turned into an antique shop). After the two of them arrive to town, weird things started to occur. For example, two young boys (brothers) are walking through the forest to their friends house. one goes missing, and after an extensive search, the town presumes him to be dead. the other boy - though he looks fine- is taken to the hospital for a mysterious illness. soon after he "dies".

It is later found out that Barlow is a vampire who preys on many people in the town, who then prey on others until basically the whole town is filled with vampires. After sometime an alliance forms with people who believe in vampires. This alliance included Ben Mears, Susan Norton ( who later gets caught by Barlow, and get turned into a vampire), Mark Petrie , Matt Burke(a schoolteacher and a new friend of Ben's), Jimmy Cody ( young doctor), and Father Callahan (a Parish Priest). The two survivors of the group Mark and Ben drive a steak through Barlow's heart thus killing him, then flee ending up in Mexico. After a year or so the two of them come back to 'Salem's lot during the day whilst the vampires are sleeping. Ben purposely drops a lit cigarette on the dry grass ( there was a drought causing the grass to be extremely dry). Once the cigarette hits the grass, a fire breaks out which later obliterates the town.

In my opinion the theme of this book is belief, in the sense that one's belief can save them. For example, in the novel the one's who belief in vampires and who are cautious with their actions are the one's who survived.

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