November 6th, 2013 ERPD



Lunch and Celebrations

Social Media 2013 | New Music

Learning Targets

  • I can use data from various sources to create purposeful groups.

  • I can locate/create instructional materials to meet the needs of each group.

  • I can connect the differentiation process to PDSA, RtI, and the 5 learning centered questions.
  • I can understand the generational divide between teachers and students, to ultimately meet the needs of all of my students.

ERPD Sessions

Keisha--Creating Purposeful Groups

Amber + Karen--Who are our students? Digital Divide and Generation Z

LOCATION: Media Center

21st Century Education VIDEO

1. WHOLE GROUP: Click here to access the Generation Z website (Characteristics, Common Core Connections, Career and College Ready, Workforce Preview)

2. How are you as a teacher connected? (Your digital footprint, what is the generational divide and how do we connect with our students?)

  • Click here to access PowToon Video
  • Click here to access graphic about how to connect with students
  • Click here to access article with students' opinions on engagement in the classroom.

3. Click here to access information for Infographics (How do you define Generation Z visually?)

Boy Wonder Video--Who are our kids? What are they actually doing in our classes?

The 5 Generation Workplace Infographic

Born into Tech Infographic


Go to your locations that are located on the agenda, here.

Click here to access planning document for your PLC work session.

During this time you will be taking the information that you received today and creating a lesson using purposeful groups and incorporating a web 2.0 tool.

Click here to access list of Web 2.0 Tools.

Teacher Expectation after ERPD

The minimum expectation will be:
  • Incorporate purposeful small groups and/or stations twice per week.

Continue incorporating groups into your classroom and lesson at least twice per week.

ERPD Feedback

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