February 10, 2016

Getting on the Same Page

See what committees, individual STFs and the director

have been up to and what they need from you!

Social Media

ALL STFs DO NOW: Follow, like, tweet at and retweet @HSGKentucky.

Follow, share, and invite people to Kentucky Teacher Voice on Facebook.

We reached our goal of 250 followers by ECET2KY!

Upcoming Events:

JCPS Chat: 3rd Tuesday of every month

EdCamp JCPS: March 14th

EdCamp Northern KY: March 26

ECET: Deadline for writing a letter of interest is Feb. 28. Ask Meme Ratliff if you have questions.

We are working on possibly doing a monthly chat...more to come.

Suggestion of the Week:

Add HSG to your profile description, ex: "@HSGKentucky Fellow" along with your other affiliations.

Be careful with retweets. Make sure that you are retweeting valuable info! Please feel free to tag @HSGKentucky when you find something useful and teacher related.

Teacher Engagement


We are asking that everyone attempt to reach out to 2-3 members of their PLC to write a blog piece on the writing prompt.

Upcoming Events:

Getting the collaborative blog out there. Helping people form successful focus groups.Help reach out the National and other state Fellows to help with participation in this project.

Suggestion of the Week:

Begin talking to your PLN about focus groups.

Editorial Board

ALL STFs DO NOW: Share the writing prompt with PLN (email, tweet, FB, etc.)

Respond to the writing prompt.

Upcoming Events: How long do we want the window open?

Suggestion of the Week: #LoveTeaching. Write 1 tweet a day during the window.


ALL STFs DO NOW: Visit, give feedback and push out the KYEdPolicy website.

Upcoming Events: Data mining the responses to SB 1 on the Kyedpolicy site and creating overarching Qs that we will present to education stakeholders to solicit answers/responses. The Qs/As will be posted on the website.

Look for the newest version of SB1 after the Senate Education committee Thursday 2/11.

Conversation around KEA Fellows role with KYEdPolicy.

Suggestion of the Week: Check out this side by side comparison of 2009 SB1 v 2016 SB1.

STF Snapshot...

Congratulations to MeMe for an incredible ECET2KY!

We are so proud to have you in our team! The impact you are making on teachers in Kentucky is immeasurable! Thank you!!!!!!!!

Director's Bits...

  • I need those mileage forms by Monday, Feb. 15th. Please pay extra attention to both the format/labels and the 0.54 cents per mile bit.
  • Please provide feedback on our professional learning by taking this lengthy survey by Monday, Feb 15th. You only have to answer the questions for the sessions in which you participated.
  • Also, Celia would love to have some testimonials from you all that she can use to promote the Fellowship application process. We were going to build this in to our time on Sunday but the fire alarm bit happened and we had to trim. Here is her survey. Please participate at whatever depth you are able but please do so as soon as you can since we are launching apps in the very near future.
  • Email Signature: 2015-16 Hope Street Group Kentucky State Teacher Fellow
  • If you use calendar please add me to the invite list for your focus groups? If you don't use calendar, no worries.

    For Your Consideration...

    You all are champions! --BC