Healthier Lunches at School

Is it possible ?


Schools are having trouble with feeding children healthier dishes. More and more fattening and distasteful food are taking over the lunch menu for kids around this country. Can we do anything to change this ? I believe we can and are.

Hunger-Free Kids Act 2010

This is a statue signed in by President Obama that funds child nutrition programs and free lunch programs in schools for the next 5 years. This bill also sets new nutrition standards for schools which means healthier foods will be served. It gives schools and families the resources to get fresh produce from farms and gardens. Also, this bill provides training to school lunch providers.

Examples Of Healthy Lunches


The HealthierUS School Challenge (HUSSC) establishes rigorous standards for schools food quality, participation in meal programs, physical activity opportunities, and nutrition education. This nationwide program helps transform school environments into places where healthy eating and physical activity is experienced and learned.

Another program is Chefs Move To School. This program teaches children as well as schools with the help of local chefs healthier food choices and more nutritional menus.

What Can You Do ?

You can always take action by making healthier decisions while choosing school lunches. You can also bring healthier foods to school or encourage your school to provide a healthier more tasteful menu. Another great way is to reach out to your community for support. If we work together we can bring in satisfying foods into our schools and onto the menu.