By: Abram Petkac


Do you know that alligators grow their tales back if their lose them? Read on to find out what they eat, where they live, and some fun facts!


Do you know alligators eat almost anything? They eat catfish, birds, deer, and catfish heads. Do you know that the mom some times eats their babies. They grow to be 14 feet long, can you believe that? They live to be 50 years old. In the wild they lay 30 eggs. They run 30 miles per hour.

Places they live

They live in the swamps of Louisiana, China,Texas and the Carolinas. They hatch Their eggs on land. The Chinese alligators are the most dangerous alligators of all.

Fun Facts

Do you know any fun facts about alligators? They fun faster than humans. They have the deadliest jaw bite. Their tail can break bones. They swallow their prey whole. They drag their prey under water. People hunt them for their skin.
Clearly alligators have characteristics, places they live, and fun facts. I wish alligators will live for ever.