22.3 Life During the New Deal

Jaylin Wright and Aaron Sutton

Women During the New Deal

- Eleanor Roosevelt was the first lady of President Franklin D. Roosevelt

- Frances Perkins was the first woman to head an executive department

- Women had less rights than men, and they were ready to fight back

African Americans During the New Deal

- William Hastie is the first black federal judge in U.S history

- The Black Cabinet was led by Mary McLeod Bethune, who is also the director of Negro Affairs in the National Youth Administration

- New Deal programs left largely unchallenged the discrimination that African Americans faced in the larger society

Artists during the Great Depression

Popularity of Movies During This Era

One study in 1935 showed that nearly 80 million of the nation’s 127 million Americans attended a movie each week. Throughout the decade, movie studios produced some 5,000 feature-length films.