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September 17, 2018

Thank you!

Last week was super busy in terms of community engagement and professional learning. Thank you, Ms. Andrea, for an informative presentation about gender identity at Monday's staff meeting. Thank you all for your thoughtful questions and engagement, as this issue is present in our school every day. As a reminder, if a student expresses to you that they would like to be referred to as a different gender, please bring this to the attention of the administrators and Ms. Andrea asap. We will work with you to identify next steps. Ms. Andrea's presentation is linked below for your convenience.

Thank you, Nicoletta, for conceiving of and planning Montessori Mondays. It was beautiful to see this vision come to life after months of planning. Thank you, Ms. Lana, for presenting and thank you to all participants who chose to attend. Special thanks goes out to the teachers who provided coverage of classes so their colleagues could attend as well as lead teachers who supported their assistants' attendance. Let's do it again in a month!

Thank you for a successful Back to School Night this year. The mood seemed light and the parents with whom I spoke seemed very appreciative of your time.

This week should be lighter in terms of after school commitments - only SIT and PLC meetings. I hope everyone enjoyed a relaxing weekend and wish you all a great week!

Staff Meeting Follow Up

It was fantastic to have our entire staff (teachers and assistants) all attend PD together on Monday. I am so glad that we made this change for this year. Below you will find a link to Ms. Andrea's presentation for your reference. Also, you will see the link to the Student Conduct and Discipline Plan as well as the updated roles/responsibilities chart for this year. I apologize that these last two items never made it up in the work room for you to put questions. That will happen on Monday. Thanks for your participation and providing feedback via the survey.
Ms. Andrea's Gender Identity Presenation

Originally presented at the 8-10-18 Staff Meeting.

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Construction Update

I have received word that the green bars are fixed. We will double check the bars Monday morning and if the tape is not on the bars - students are allowed to play.

Thanks for your patience!

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Hourly Staff Payroll

Thank you to those of you who followed the new payroll and sign in/out procedures (outlined in the September 4th N&B) for the past two weeks.

For those of you who did not complete your time sheets and sign them last Friday, the office staff and I will attempt to find you Monday morning to complete these documents. This will be the last time we find you to complete these documents.

After Monday, if you have not completed these documents correctly on the last Friday of the pay period, your time sheets will not be submitted and you will not be paid for that time cycle. You will receive your missed payment on your next paycheck.

Thank you for respecting the time and effort of the office staff.

Portfolios, Progress Reports, and PTCs

As we are working through the logistics of how best to have students create portfolios aligned to standards in our PLCs, the administration is not requiring student portfolios be a part of our first Parent Teacher Conferences this October. Sharing student work would be beautiful and perfectly appropriate - if you chose in October.

Teams should begin preparing now for student portfolio presentations for February conferences. As of right now, we will use the same progress reports as last year. Please reach out to Lana if you have additional questions or insights on this topic. Thank you.

School Wide Reading Club

The administration and support team are still working out the logistics of how to best implement the school wide reading club, as pitched by the team of teachers who attended the AMS conference, discussed in summer curriculum writing, and introduced during PD week. We want to make sure this time will best serve our purpose of building community and uniting our entire school with the new theme-based curriculum units AND work toward our school goals of improving early literacy.

We have been meeting with and working closely with the early literacy team from USBE and our own reading gurus Lynette and Jamie to work out a plan. We have some great ideas and are still working on logistics. We will update you all when we have a concrete plan to share.

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Hi, I’m Michael Dorer, Montessori teacher, trainer, and consultant.

I invite you to join me in discovering that you can transform your elementary classroom. You can teach the whole curriculum, encourage creativity, learn essential management skills, and feel great about it!

I know your challenges and difficulties. I’ve worked with public, private, charter, and faith-based Montessori schools for more than forty years. I’ve heard you. It’s time now to take action.

I will be launching a new online course through the Montessori Foundation, You Can Teach It All: Managing The Montessori Elementary Curriculum.

  • 7 Modules - equaling 45 hours of professional development
  • Prerecorded video and written content
  • Specific and practical assignments that will lead you to successful organize your curriculum following this plan
  • Quizzes to ensure that you understand the course content
  • Optional live video discussion sessions during the course
  • Lively and personal course discussion forums
  • A tight-knit cohort of no more than 25 learners working together between October 12 and December 8.
  • You will have ongoing access to the course content and discussion from your cohort

This is a unique course, like no other. You will join colleagues from the global Montessori community, making new discoveries together as you work your way through the seven week-long modules of this groundbreaking Montessori experience.

Let’s get to know each other as you and your colleagues polish your professional practice.

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From Dana: 12 Strategies to Engage Students Who Work Below Grade Level

I know it was shared with teachers earlier this weekend; and, it is worth putting in the N&B for easy, future reference. This article outlines 12 practical strategies that can be implemented tomorrow that will engage all learners during instructional time and can be especially effective for students who are intellectually disabled (ID).

Many of the strategies described were specifically stated to be used during lecture; however, most could be used during other times of the instructional cycle. Which strategy will you employ this week?

Missing Mouse

On a totally personal note, I (René) am missing my pink wireless mouse. If you find it, could you please return it to me? Thanks!
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