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Friday, September 25

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WE NEED YOUR HELP-Magazine Sales

We had our first official turn-in for our annual magazine sale on Tuesday. We appreciate the support from our students and families who went out to sell magazines or collect donations. In our first turn-in we brought in over $11,000 in total sales. We celebrated those participants with a couple different activities during the week: Kona shaved ice on Wednesday and the PBIS cookout today.

It's not too late to get out there and sell. Our next, and final, turn-in will be next Tuesday, September 29. Thank you for your continued support in Franklin and our annual fundraiser.

Follow the link for more information:

Kona Ice Reward

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PBIS Grillout

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1st Semester Conferences

Conferences will be here before we know it. This year's conferences will line up with mid-term of each semester. The dates for this year's conferences are Thursday, October 22 & Monday, October 26. Each day conferences will run from 3:00-9:00PM. For the fall conferences we will have parents sign up to meet with teachers. More information will be coming out in the next couple weeks.

Spotlight Students

This year we'll be recognizing students who exemplify what it means to do your PARRT at Franklin. We call this feature our Spotlight Students. Every month teachers will select six students from their respective grade level. PARRT is the curriculum we use with our students to teach appropriate and expected behaviors in the school and positive relationships with their classmates. With our students doing the outstanding work, we feel it's important they be recognized. PARRT stands for:

P: Personal Best

A: Active Listening

R: Respect

R: Responsibility

T: Trustworthiness

Our first edition of Spotlight Students will be showcased in our next e-Newsletter.

Instructional Design Strategists

On Tuesday, September 15 U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, visited Roosevelt Middle School on his nationwide "Ready for Success" tour. The Teacher Leadership System is what brought him to Cedar Rapids. The Cedar Rapids Community School District had their proposal accepted during the first wave of applications during the 2014-15 school year. Just as our students are vested in the learning process, the same can be said of our teachers.

We are lucky to have two wonderful Instructional Design Stategists that work with our faculty. Eriece Colbert & Jennykaye Hampton are working with our teachers on a daily basis by observing, co-planning, and being a resource to help them grow professionally. All buildings across the district have teacher leaders.

Follow the link to the article in The Gazette that recapped the Secretary's visit:

Gallup Poll

Beginning next week 6th-8th graders will be taking the Gallup Poll. The short online assessment will be completed during students' Social Studies' class. See the information below about the Gallup Poll or follow the link:

Gallup has added the voice of America's youth to the dialogue around how to ensure a positive future for America's students. The Gallup Student Poll, with over 3 million total completes to date, is designed to aid educators in providing a more focused education -- one that builds engagement, creates hope for the future, fosters talent and prepares students to participate meaningfully in our nation's economy by finding or creating a good job.

The 24 core items on the Gallup Student Poll measure and provide actionable data on four dimensions of student success:

  • Engagement - the involvement in and enthusiasm for school
  • Hope - the ideas and energy students have for the future
  • Entrepreneurial Aspiration - the talent and energy necessary to build businesses that survive, thrive and employ others
  • Financial/Career Literacy - the information, attitudes and behaviors that students need for healthy participation in the economy

Make-up Days

We are still a couple months...hopefully...from inclement weather. Please follow the link from our district office that helps explain the process to announce make-up school days.

Franklin Drama Club

We are fortunate to have a wonderful drama club that puts on fantastic shows. During the year we have two productions. This fall's production will occur on Friday, October 16 & Saturday, October 17. Check out the link to know more about our Franklin Drama Club.

Upcoming Events

All Week

  • Jazz Band Auditions (students signed up for time)

September 28

  • Girls' Soccer @ Kingston vs. Harding
  • Volleyball vs. McKinley (7th Away, 8th Home)

September 29

  • 2nd & Final Magazine Turn-In
  • Boys' Tennis @ Harding
  • 7th Grade Football vs. McKinley

September 30

  • 8th Grade Marching Band Experience @ Kingston from 9:30-12:00

October 1

  • Girls' Soccer @ Oak Ridge
  • Cross Country @ Noelridge
  • Boys' Tennis @ Oak Ridge
  • Volleyball vs. Wilson (7th Home, 8th Away)
  • Football vs. Regis/LaSalle