Texas Drought

Texas is on the brink of running out of water!

When will we run out of water?

It is estimated that in 50 years Texas will run out of water.

Where does our water come from?

60 percent of our water is groundwater. The rest comes from surface water, lakes, or rivers.Dallas's drinking water comes from five different lakes.

  1. Grapevine
  2. Lewisville
  3. Ray Roberts
  4. Ray Hubbard
  5. Tawakoni

How does our daily water usage impact the local and global economy?

Why should texas water be conserved?

Currently 97% of texas is in "drought conditions." The last thing texas needs is to be fully in drought. If texas is in drought it will start relying on other states or countries for water. This costs money and will probably raise taxes on Texans. If we save water now even if it costs a little money we can save ourselves tons of money in the long run. We will also keep our state looking good and providing water for all.

What can the state do to help?

The state can do many things that will help conserve or produce more water. One creative thing that they have the opputnity to do is known as cloud seeding. This is when silver iodide is manually blasted into the cloud wich helps produce more precipitation. They can also start campaigns notyfting people of the likeliness of an epidemic. This will leed to more people conserving water.
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What can individuals do to help?

Individuals can use low-flow tiolets. We can also take shorter showers and turn off the sink when brushing your teeth. Yet the most important thing people can do is raise awareness. The more people conserving water the better. The more people conserving water leads to more time texas has water!