Intolerable Acts

By: Brylan Teague

How it Began?

* American Patriots' name for series of punitive laws

* Great Britain, laws referred to as Coercive Acts

* Passed by the British Parliament in 1774 after Boston Tea Party

* Punish Massachusetts colonists for throwing tea into Boston Harbor

* Took away Massachusetts self-government and historic rights

* 4 of the acts issued to direct response in outbreak of American Revolution

* 5th act, Quebec Act, enlarged boundaries of region Providence of Quebec

Colonial Reaction

* Violation of their constitutional rights, natural rights, and their colonial characters

* viewed as threat to the liberties of all British America, not just Massachusetts

* September of 1774- organized First Continental Congress to coordinate protest

* April 1775-American Revolutionary War broke out

* July 1776 to the creation of independent U.S.A