The Highwayman

news report by kaylie sage.


the highwayman. He came riding up to the old inn-door. He wore a velvet coat and a french cocked-hat. He tapped with his whip on the shutters and whistled a tune in the window, Bess, the landlords daughter, should be waiting. he was plaiting a dark love knot in her long black hair. Tim, the ostler listened. His eyes were hollows of madness. He also loves Bess. he heard the robber ask for a kiss and promises he will be back tomorrow. The robber has not come back. where was he? the read coats have arrived. who had brought them here? could it be Tim? King Georges men came marching up to the old inn door. They gagged Bess and tied her up facing the window, there was death at every window. They bound a musket beside her. Facing upwards to her face. They kissed her and told her to keep good watch. Her hand was soon on the trigger. She didn't try to grab the rest. she killed herself in the moonlight--warned him. She was drowning in her own blood. The highway man grew angry and cursing to the sky. The ghosts remained and the highwayman visited her daily.

We are still developing information about the death of Bess.

Channel 8 news

Story on the highwayman and the death of Bess.