Day of the dead

By:Jasmine Pinon

Day of the dead is celebrated November 1 and November 2. November 1 is all saints day and November 2 is day of the dead. It honors all the people that have died.


Marigolds are flowers that you can make with tissue paper. Marigolds are used for decorations on day of the dead. You can make them with tissue paper and pipe cleaners


Offerings are set up to remember and honor the memory of their ancestors. Before setting an altar they thoroughly clean their house.The offerings are on a table covered with a good tablecloth preferably white.


An altar is usually arranged on a table top that is used exclusively for the altar. The table or crates are draped with cloth or sometimes a paper or plastic covering.An arch made of marigolds is often erected over top of the altar.

My tata

My tata's favorite candy was jolly ranchers. He like to tell jokes to my little brother. My tata died when he was 52 on December 29 2012. His favorite fruit to eat was apples.

My Grandma

My Grandma's name was Dorothy Sue Howard. Her favorite candy were hershey's. She liked to eat german food. My grandma's favorite thing to do was cooking and baking. Also her favorite color was green. My grandma was from Tennessee. She died Febuary 4,2009. She also died when she was 55. My grandma was born June 20,1953.