George's Perspective

By: Kierra Thompson

I was sweeping up peanut shells from yesterdays visiters when this odd lady walked in in with a box that was just about Ruby's size. It was right then that I knew: they were taking Ruby to a zoo! Not only were they taking Ruby but they were taking Ivan too! ( I found that out when I saw a box Ivan's size being carried in) I was delighted that Jules and I had a part in this! But is was a short lived victory when all of a sudden Mack came storming out of his office with the most ticked off and hateful look I've ever seen in my life! That maniac fired me ! No matter what I tried I was still incapable of getting my job back. Now I was so hostile I couldn't even speak! Then Julia asks if we can take Bob home. Of course I said no , I mean for crying out loud I just got fired! I didn't know if would be able to feed Jules. But being the optimist I am I decided to think about how lucky Ivan and Ruby are to make it out of the '' Big Top Mall'' and I kept that additude all the way home.