Second Grade Rock Stars

Tour News!

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Next on tour: Upcoming Events

Coming on Tour Soon:

  • 05/07: Field Trip to IMAX Esquire Theater (Madagascar: Island of Lemurs)
  • 05/07: WAVE Meeting 6:30pm in the BASE room on Del Paso
  • 05/08: Scholastic May Book Orders Due
  • 05/14: WCS Board Meeting 6:30pm
  • 05/16: WCS 10 Year Reunion Celebration (Get your tickets HERE)
  • 05/20: Open House for Del Paso at 6:00pm
  • 05/22: Spirit Day- Mix and Match
  • 05/22: NWEA Testing (Reading)
  • 05/25: No School
  • 05/28: NWEA Testing (Language)
  • 05/29: NWEA Testing (Math)
  • 06/03: Second Grade Poetry Slam 5:00-6:15pm

Check out the IMAX Field Trip Movie Trailer

Island of Lemurs: Madagascar Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Nature Documentary HD

Reminders for Field Trip

On Thursday, May 7th, students should...

• Bring a brown bag lunch (with their name and teacher written on the outside.)

• Wear a WCS spirit shirt with uniform

• Come to school on time

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Our Highlights: What We've Been Rockin' At!

In math we worked on using the strategy of skip-counting to multiply quickly. We also reviewed other ways of multiplying such as repeated addition, arrays, and drawing groups of items. We look forward to reviewing time and length in the next coming weeks. We will be using our multiplication skills to determine and create the necessary area of our animal's habitat.

In reading we have been focusing on finding the main idea, using context clues to figure out what a word or phrase means, and inferencing to use what we already know mixed with what is in the book to make an assumption about what we are reading.

In poetry, we wrote our haikus about our animals that we are learning about and will be designing a habitat for. All of the students decided to pick an endangered animal in order to better understand why they are endangered and how we can help them. Helping animals was one of top two ways that the students came up with of how they can change the world. They are extremely passionate about helping these animals and continue to get more and more passionate as they find out more about their animal and the animals of others. As we are learning more about our animals, we are realizing that many animals are becoming endangered because of a loss of their habitat or they are being killed by humans for their own profit.

In Science we continued to learn more about habitats and finished up learning about specific habitats in our expert groups. The Grasslands experts shared about their habitat in a small group as their group members took notes about that habitat. Other experts will be sharing about their learned habitats this week as other group members take notes and ask questions. Expert groups has been a huge success and as many group members came together to make sure every member of their group became an expert as well, we have realized just how much we have grown in many ways throughout the year. They are looking third grade ready!

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Rockin' and Rollin' into Next Week!

Math: Arrays and Multiplication, Review of time and length

Reading: Context Clues, Main idea, Details, Fluency and Rhythm

Writing: Persuasive Writing and Poetry

Language: Context clues, Adjectives and Adverbs

Conventions: Punctuation and Spelling

Science: Habitats!

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Questions to ask your child...

  • Can you tell me about the habitat that you are an expert of?
  • Can you share about the Grasslands habitat?
  • What is special about your animal?
  • Why is your animal endangered (if you know yet)?
  • What habitat best suits your animal? Why?
  • In reading, what is a main idea? Challenge: What is it called in when we do it in writing?
  • Can you show me at least 3 different ways for 3x4?
  • What does the multiplication times symbol mean?
  • What is the difference between an adjective and an adverb?

Thank you for the nomination!

Whoever nominated me for the Natomas N Factor Award was extremely thoughtful and kind! I felt so honored to be able to attend such an amazing event, recognized for what I do, and humbled to be a part of something so great and in a room with such amazing people. Thank you so much if it was you! I greatly appreciate it!
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Contact the Band Manager!

Jen Martin

Second Grade Teacher

Westlake Charter School

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Simply text: @rock2nd to the phone number: (925) 338-8054