Utopian Movement

By: Drew Gilbert, Yosi Almanza, Landon Turner

The Start Of The Utopian Society

Between 1820 and 1860 over 100,000 men, women, and children went out on a search for a perfect society with experimental ideas on how communities should work.

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New Harmony

It was founded in 1824 in Indiana by Robert Owen. It didn't succeed due to lack of harmony among the participants. The society didn't base their beliefs of religion but communal living and progressive system of education. They believed that there should be an equality among genders. The lasted less than three years due to lack of strong central beliefs.

Brook Farm

It was founded by George Ripley in 1841 in Massachusetts. It was noted as a transcendental literary and intellectual haven. It exposed the people in the society to harmony with nature, communal living, and hard work. Many of the transcendentalist supported the community but did not join the society. The society collapsed in 1846 due to a huge fire. The Brook Farm community was influential in fights for abolition, women's rights, and labor rights.

The Shaker Movement

It was located in various states and was very popular. It was started in England in 1747 and was led by Ann Lee. Lee and her followers moved to America in 1774 in which the community rapidly grew. The community believed in absolute celibacy. Unlike most of the Utopian community there is still a few shakers left.

The Mormons

The Church of the Latter Day Saints, also known as the Mormon church was founded in 1830 by Joseph Smith. Smith said that God had led him to a new set of scriptures called the Book of Mormon Further, Smith espoused polygamy as part of his Utopian society. Smith and his followers were persecuted in Ohio and the Midwest. In 1844, a mob murdered Smith and his brother Hyrum in Illinois. His follower named Brigham Young led the followers of Mormonism west and founded Utah. Utah became a state in 1896, only when the Mormons agreed to stop the practice of polygamy. The Mormons proved the most successful of the Utopian communities of the 1800s. The Mormons believed that Jesus was the son of god and they wanted things to be done by the book of God. But the Brook Farm society believed in Transcendental literary and intellectual haven.
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